Typing Job

Our mission is to produce output in fastest manner and we can’t fulfill this objective without advanced typing skill.  Typing skill is one of important elements in desktop publishing business. To be a good typist you must have both speed and accuracy.

Our typist can type as fast as 80-110 words per minute. An average people can do type 30-45WPM, above average can do 50WPM, while most typing related jobs require 65WPM.

We owe it from a decade of continuous practice. We started from 25WPM and with passion on what we are doing we have keep on improving.

We had also join typing contest online and locally to make us even more competitive. We’ve won several competition from school, provincial division (Capiz) and even nationwide competition.

With such achievements we are confident that we can deliver output to meet our client’s requirement. We guarantee that we can complete a project as much as 100 pages in just 24 hours. For single or couple of pages we just let our customer wait for minutes (while enjoying our free wifi) of completion.

Just like what we are always saying, we take every client professionally. Your satisfaction is our priority hence if we fail to deliver output on expected time, you can get our service for free.


We are professional but it doesn’t necessarily that we our service is expensive. You can get us from 10 Pesos per page excluded of print. (for printing price list you can check it here) You can also get a 50% discount for bulk transaction (50+ pages).

As cheap as that and yes you read it right. Because if you are doing what you love there is no such amount to pay for it. If you have time to take a read of how we got started, you will see that we are doing this for free before. Actually what you are paying is for the resources we need for project completion. Our effort is free. The idea is, instead of practicing with random text from the internet and typing software, we do client’s project for beneficial output. We believe to become one of the fastest typist in the world, we need to continue practicing and that is what we are doing here. We do practice while helping people do their typing work, sustaining our resources and ultimately promoting our printing services.

Online Typing Job

Yes we accept online transaction. In case that you are from Roxas City, Pontevendra, Lutodlutod, Panit-an, Ivisan, and other nearby municipalities in Capiz and you need a fast typing job services, you can hire us through online.

To start a project you can take a picture on a document that is readable for us to read and type, then send it through our contact form to arrange the transaction. Once finalized we will ask a payment through local remittance center (Cebuana Lhuiller, Palawan Pawnshop, MLhuiller etc). We also accept payment through Paypal and Paymaya.

We understand that, in terms of money it is not easy to trust anyone with online transaction. In return of your trust we commit our business name and other legalities to our deal. You can also check reviews from clients we had completed a project with.

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