Tournament Arena

Gaming is the primary ingredients of our success. We serve customers from different level. From casual gamers to professional gamers. To prove their worth and skills as a gamer we provide an event where players can turn up the their gaming experience to the next level. Here they can meet and challenge best players in local area such as Panay, Pontevendra, Roxas, Ivisan, and other municipalities in Capiz.

To make the event successfully competitive, as host we provide these factors:


It is given that in every contest there is a prize and that is where the sponsorship will play the part. Most of the time we are the primary sponsor of the event. From additional manpower to prizes.

To extend the event as possible as it can be, we also need support from other sponsor. It is our effort to acquire additional resources, so we apply sponsorship from Garena and Gameclub for League of Legends and Crossfire tournament respectively. They have sets of requirement we need to comply to grant our request and fortunately they have enlisted Kaylum Circle for their sponsored tournament. It is a matter of convincing of why they should trust us with their prizes.

Not only from major game publisher but we are also seeking support from other individual regarding with sponsorship. So if you want to be the host of your sponsored event, you can contact us to discuss it further. You can also take a read below to get additional details on how we host tournament.


As a gamer we believe that it is not only about a prize we are dealing in tournament but challenge. Yes we want challenge, we want to earn our pride in gaming scene. So aside from prize that they can take home from sponsor, we also consider promotion as important element to deal with. As a host we provide the promotion of the event. Of course the higher the prize the easier for the contest to promote but that it is not always necessarily to gatherĀ  a 5-digit prize to make the event successful. I remember we had hosted a tournament joined by 25 teams, having a small prize of 3,000 Pesos prize pool. So again it is not only about prize but the way you are going to promote your event so all gamers from Capiz will know your challenge.

To promote our main tool is social media. We have active pages, group chats, community populated by gamers alike, sponsored ads and etc. We also have a direct contact from other computer shop owners in the area. We also have influence in competitive gaming scene as we also joined events hosted by other computer shop. We have also knowledge in online marketing as we are working on web development and search engine marketing that’s the fact we have this website.

We have also online registration for the participants convenience. To encourage more participants, we provide an easier to get connected to the event.

With this advantage in information technology and considering our target market for the event, we believe that we are capable of promoting the event to every potential contender.


We have 35 PC units to host as many participants as possible. In every event we handle, we are always expecting more. There is only one way to serve good numbers of contenders, that is to have good number of resources.

We also have organized team in handling event. We have staff who handle registration , serving snacks, maintenance and troubleshooting, events information, and photographer for documentation.

And our main advantage from what we experienced joining event from other host, our shop can serve more than 200 people. We have the entire 2nd floor of the building whereas we have rooms that serves lobby for the waiting team, spectators area, parking area, office for registration and a decent battleground for the event. We also have free WiFi and snacks that participants can avail while waiting their turn.

Tournaments we had hosted

Kaylum Circle’s League of Legends Tournament (Sponsored by Garena)
Kaylum Circle’s Crossfire Mini Tournament (Sponsored by Gameclub)

On every event we hosted, we conduct a post-event evaluation for our objective of further improvement.

To ensure that you will not going to miss our tournament events, we encourage everyone to get connected with us by simply visiting this website from time to time or liking/following our official Facebook page. Again if you want to be the part of our event through sponsorship, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.