Rush ID

From the term “rush” in digital Rush ID picture we understand that customers expecting that this service will be done in couple of minutes. But generally rush ID service takes 10 minutes processing from taking a shot, background editing, package layout, and printing.

We in Kaylum Circle love taking challenges to meet customers expectation. From 10 minutes we made a system to speed up the processing up to 3 minutes. In case that we fail the 3-minute mark, you can have your ID for free. Not only by means of speed but also the satisfaction on our finish product. From the camera we used, the way we edit, and most importantly to our printer, if you don’t get satisfied they way it delivered the output, you can also take this service as free. Through these risks, we are always challenged to do our best in satisfying our customers while also learning to improve further on every service we cater. We are also confident that we can deliver in return of your trust choosing Kaylum Circle to work with your ID.

We understand that ID is very important. We don’t know where are customers going to use it, either on verification purposes, job application or legal issue. Nevertheless we guarantee that we will take this service professionally by using what we believe the best tools to make a best output.

For our main arsenal we are using Canon EOS 1300D DSLR camera. After we took a shot, the raw image will go directly to our Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for editing. Lastly for finishing touch, our Epson L1300 will do the job.

Of course these gears are useless without great minds behind it. Our team are armed with knowledge in photography and photo manipulation. We took up course on Adobe Photoshop and joined several competitions to sharpen our knowledge baseĀ  in using these tools.

Our Rush ID service wouldn’t be the best if you can’t get it in affordable price. So for our list, you can check our packages below:


Package 1 = 2 pieces 2×2 and 4 pieces 1×1

Package 2 = 4 pieces 2×2

Package 3 = 8 pieces 1×1

Package 4 = 4 pieces 1.7×1.3 (passport size)

Package 5 = 2 pieces 2.5 x 3.5 (wallet size)

Each package cost 25 Pesos and if you want to get an additional copy it will be 5 pesos per photo

*For bulk pricing you can visit this page.

Other related services

We also offer on call/outdoor services in terms of bulk package or other related services such as pictorial on different occasions. Please do leave us message through contact form for this matter.