PC Repair

Yes we accept PC repair service as well as PC reformat/reprogram, software installation, virus removal, etc. So if you are looking for PC technician here in Panay or even you are from Roxas City, Pontevedra, Lutodlutod, Ivisan, Panit-an and you need for affordable service, you can hire us for as cheap as 150 Pesos per service with 1 week warranty.

We also offer computer shop installation package. This package includes:

*PC installation / Assembling
*Software (Client / Server / Games) installation
*Free maintenance for one month

This is perfect for those who want to invest in computer shop business and yet there is no enough knowledge in handling/managing their assets. Let our experience in this field gives you a good jumpstart. Like what we said, the most challenging part in this business is maintenance. You need a technician that you can trust and with passion to help you fixing the problem no matter what it is.

In case you want to know more about us, you can check our customer’s review. We had already work with several computer shop business, pisonet shop and and individual who needs a help fixing their computer.