Online Registration Assistance

Some Philippine government office had started to accept registration online. After years of inconvenience either your going to register, renew or assess,  now everyone can do it online. You can now apply NBI Clearance through online, as well as with DFA (passport). They also accept income tax remittance (BIR) through online. At last no more hours of waiting while also thinking that our government has improvement getting the advantage of what technology we have today.

Unfortunately not all applicants know the procedure or has knowledge in using computer. That is how our team will get into the line to assist people. We extend our service on assisting our customers using different government website and their concern for free. Yes, all you have to pay is the PC rent which is 10 pesos per hour.

I got this idea from seeing customers in need of help while following the method of registration. I understand that in their times they didn’t deal too much with computer. That’s is why if you are living in Panay Capiz, and you need a help with online registration, just come in our address and we are going to help you.