We Are Looking For Apprentice

-a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer, having agreed to work for a fixed period at low wages.


Yes we are giving you the opportunity to become part of our team and learn the craft from us. Like you, we were once an aspirant and forever grateful to our masters who taught us everything of what we are today and the only way for us to pay back the favor is to do the same.

Nature of Work

*Computer Shop Attendant

This 5-hour duty includes cash-time operator, shop maintenance (cleaning), assisting customers, printing staff substitute.


*Must be studying in Senior High / College / Graduate.
*With Good Attitude
*With focus on work and willing to learn
*Know how to read


*50 Pesos per day
*Free lunch/dinner
*Able to learn and have access on studying Photoshop, MS Office, Database Management, Blogging, Search Engine Marketing, Web development, Advanced Typing Technique
*Recommendation for future project based on work output.
*Certificate of good moral and work ethics


*How can I learn if I’m going to work? Yes you can, 70% of your duty is about sitting in front of a computer. There you can access online course and tutorial we are going to give to you.

*Can I play or entertain myself while working? NO. Aside from the course we are giving to you, you are not allowed to access anything especially on games.

*I want to overtime for extra salary? Yes you can, we will first discuss it with our regular teammate. 

*Can I play for free outside my duty? No. You can play but you need to pay.

*Do I have a flexible duty hours? Yes as we consider you are studying. But we need to discuss it first with the other team members and it requires both parties’ agreement.

*I just want to work and not that apprentice/course stuff, is that possible? You are stepping in the wrong door.

*50 Pesos/day is not enough for me is there any increment later on? Yes of course, if we can pay our regular teammate with 200 Pesos Per 8-hour duty, why not for you if you are going to satisfy us? All you have to do is to prove your worth.

*I am excited and I want to apply now. Email us (apprentice@kaylumcircle.ph) an article in any dialect you prefer answering a question of , “why we shouldn’t hire you?”

This might inspire you somehow

You are able learn more than any amount we can pay for you and that is the matter here. We guarantee you as everything you are seeing right now started from the day you are going to start today. We are giving you opportunity not a single fish to feed you in a day but the way you can catch your own fish to feed you in a lifetime. Considering 8 out of 20 currently richest man in the world belongs on internet/computer business, we do believe that computer and internet opens a door of infinite opportunity. And the challenging part here is that you are going to start the way they did but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to end like us. You can either surpass or fail us. The choice is yours.

Also, there is no string attachment here. Aside from your duty as a computer shop custodian, you don’t have obligation in return for your acquired knowledge. We only encourage you to work hard on your duty as shop attendant because that is what we are paying on you.

Ready? Let’s do this.

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