Do You Want To Contribute In This Website?

To tell you frankly no one from the team has a degree on Literature or other related course on writing articles. Aside from web development and business services, everything that were written here are form of self expression. So if you think you can be a part of our team or do you have ideas you might want to express, you are very welcomed to contribute in this website.

For the article you can share, a computer-related topic is a plus. Both English and Filipino are accepted or even Hiligaynon can be also used. You can use vulgar words as long as it is really needs to express. We only accept original articles.

As part of Kaylum Circle community, you can also write an article about the events happened based from your perspectives and experience.

Aside from article, Kaylum Circle also support photography thus you can also share photos, videos and other related materials that might be interesting to our audiences.

You can also work as an editor to our articles. We admit that we are not grammar genius here so if you are willing to help/correct us, it would be much appreciated.

Benefits Of Your Contribution

“We believe that every good act will get paid in full in the end”

So why contributing on us?

If you are thinking that you can make money by submitting your articles here, sorry but you’ve got us wrong. We can pay articles but if we let it happen, you will only write for money and not for the love of what you are doing. There are millions of articles in the internet for free that we can rephrase, copy and paste but what’s the point.

Actually our team are consist of mother-Teresa kind of people. We almost do everything for free. We do it because we have passion of doing it and there is no amount of money it can pay.

No money involve but it doesn’t mean that there is no benefits at all. Robert Kiyosaki said “work to learn and not to earn.” Yes there are lot of things you are able to learn from team as we are also expecting to learn from you. From the moment you have had the interest of working with us, we already convinced you  that there are something you can learn from us. Knowledge is everywhere, it is up to you how you are going to feed yourself. You need only to show that you are worthy of it.

Another thing that we can promise you is a good publication opportunity. Posting it on social media will only get it buried with other posts sooner or later while articles here in our website are kept and well optimized for search engine to find. It’s a form of online marketing where web developer / author must ensure that the content of their website have a good reputation (rank) based on search engine (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) criteria. We are working on this field for 8 years and with what we’ve learned all those years, we will also apply it to your content ensuring that search engine will find and give a better rank on related keywords/searches. We have also channels on  social media that we can also use to promote your articles for huge potential readers might find it. We have also direct readers in this website like you the way you reached us.

All your contribution will get reflected of what you are in the future. Yes you can use us as reference in your job application in the future. We are legit business and individual and we believe that we already made an influence somehow that can be used for your personal interest. The way you are going to help us hitting our objective, we will also do the same in helping you hitting your aim in your career. As a team, we will not leave you empty handed. We want you to carry the name or everything you are going to learn from us in your own journey in the future. An asset of a team, yes that’s what they called it.

Ultimately, all  the credits of your work will be remained to you.

Decided? You can get in touch with us through our contact section below.

Please share if this helped you or worthy for others to know. Thank you!

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