This is our main service we offer. The foundation of our brand that define who we are. Everything we have in gaming business are from a 2 decades of experience playing video games. As a gamer we know what other gamer needs and wants to maximize the entertainment. To be honest it is not simple as most people thinking. They thought they just need to buy a computer, subscribe on internet service provider, install a game and that’s it. No! To meet what your clients need you need an advanced knowledge in troubleshooting, maintenance, networking, computer market and that gave us edge over other computer shops.

Maintenance is the most challenging part in business. You can call a technician occasionally when your computer is not working but you can’t call a technician everyday to check if there is something wrong with your computer.¬† ¬†Maintenance are the people who will tell if something must need a fix before it will become totally busted. A good maintenance knows what to do base by the symptoms that computer showing. Our knowledge in maintaining a computer gives our client a well-conditioned PC renting service. `

Next to maintenance is the networking. Every gamer hates lag. This was the main problem of most computer shops that also became our ticket on getting the spotlight. Here are Kaylum Circle, we have a good networking. We created difference from the typical dilemma of no-browsing/youtube-just-game scenario. We subscribed on highest plan available for internet connection. We are also using two different PLDT Fiber accounts for browsing and gaming respectively so our customers can enjoy gaming and browsing simultaneously without affecting the connection of one another. We have a good distribution of bandwidth that even made us to share the first free Wifi hotspot available in Panay.

For the games we are offering, you can play the three major titles in the market, League of Legends, Crossfire and Rules of Survival. We also consider installing specific game as per customer request.

For our PC , we have 35 units powered by AMD A6-A10 Quadcore processor, 8-gig RAM memory module and 20 inches monitor which made Kaylum Circle to be the best computer shop in Panay, Capiz.

We have also events such as Crossfire Tournament and League of Legends Tournament to encourage our players level up their gaming experience into higher competitive level.

All of these can be experienced by 10 pesos hour.