Free WiFi (No Password)

Along with free research and online assistance services, we also offer Free WiFi to our customer. We have confidence with our internet connection as we have the fastest internet connection in Panay, Capiz so we thought of, why not share this to our customers. We know that as an internet cafe, this will hurt our business somehow but the positive idea of helping or sharing what you have abundantly is far better than a pinch. Also we are not into browsing. Our focus is more on gaming and printing. Our customer do browse when they are waiting for the game to start as well as for their printing concern to finish. That’s our answer for the countless question why are sharing our internet connection.

What we ask in return

Secondly, we know that this is not new anymore as most coffee shops, malls and big establishment are also sharing free WiFi but the difference is that you need to ask a password from them. I don’t get the idea of being free here. They are saying that they have free WiFi and yet there is a password you need to enter before you can connect. For us here in Kaylum Circle Gaming and Printing Services, if you are really want to share, just do it without any string attachment or don’t share at all. Like saying, yes you can access are so called free service but still you need to make a transaction with us.

That’s what we are making a difference to a typical scenario of free WiFi. Here, you can access our free service anytime, without password, without string attachment. You can have a free WiFi connection from us even without availing our services or even you just step in our store for the first time as long as you follow our rules as per business-customer agreement.

We want to emphasize it because if there is any disadvantage advantage indulging our customers or people with this service, it is about breaking our rules and regulation. First and foremost, we have a rule about No Minor during class hours. Yes I will admit that prohibiting minors to play in our shop affects our sales but due to municipal ordinance we need to follow and we need to accept that fact. But the worse scenario for us to see minors in the parking area of the shop accessing our free WiFi. They know the rules. They understand why kick them out of the shop. So a free service that is meant to promote the shop and also helping our customers will put our business in risk. Every time I see customers doing it, I always came to the point of disregarding this privilege. But of course there is a better solution for this. Block their Mac Address!

Aside from that, we accept is as very dissatisfying to see customer accessing our free WiFi and disarrange the chair or blocking the way. Yes this is for free and we are not asking for anything in return just do don’t things we discourage. As for the business interest, our objective is to welcome all potential clients and loyal customers of course that they are belong to a circle. If a free WiFi is a way to connect us together, so it is really deteriorating for us see the opposite. So please abide with our rules!

What can you do with Free WiFi

To tell you, what you can do with Free WiFi depends on the speed of it. So what’s the speed of our internet connection. This is a 10% of our total bandwidth – 10Mbps. Fast enough to download video, play games, update your device etc. But of course this is a public connection so expect that there will be a difference with the user’s end based on how many users are currently connected and the activities they are doing. If you are really want to maximize the output better to come early and you can solo the full potential of our free service.

So that’s it, if you are looking for a WiFi hotspot that you can connect without any string attachment, you can go to our shop here at 2nd Floor Bithao Building, Pob. Ilaya Panay, Capiz. Don’t be shy, you are not the only one connecting on us.