Digital T-Shirt Printing Services

Looking for affordable T-Shirt printing services in Panay, Roxas City, and nearby areas in Capiz or even nationwide through shipping? Kaylum Circle Gaming and Printing Services are here to give you cheap printing services yet the same quality from major market standard.

Our printing services range from 30 to 90 Pesos depending on design, size, colors and the method we are going to use.

As for digital T-shirt printing services, we have 3 methods available such as Vinyl Heat Transfer, Light/Dark Transfer, and Sublimation. The method is based on your needs and what we think the best based on your design, budget and T-shirt. To help you decide which method we are going to use based on your request we will give you details below:

Heat Transfer Vinyl – This is perfect for solid and minimal color design such as names, text, etc. Among other methods of digital t-shirt printing, Heat Transfer Vinyl is the most durable and wide range of fabrics compatibility. For Vinyl, it cost 75 cents per square inch or 70 pesos per letter-size paper (8.5×11 / short coupon bond). For bulk services which is 10 shirts or above, it will be 50 cents per square inch or 47 pesos. See how affordable it is? You can compare our price from other digital printing shop to make it sure.

Light/Dark Transfer – For this method we are using light or dark transfer paper depending on the color of T-shirt. Light color is cheaper compare to dark color. For a whole A4-sized paper it cost 50 pesos for light and 60 pesos for dark. We also offer half size for 30 and 40 respectively. And for logo (3 inches diameter) it will be 20 pesos. Compare to other method, Paper transfer is applicable for digital print requirement such as photos, logo, images etc which are not available for vinyl. Transfer Paper is also compatible in most fabrics. The only disadvantage is the durability and a proper washing requirement. It is not limited to our services but to anyone who are using transfer paper. We endorse the proper wash care to our client who avail this service.

Sublimation – If you are looking for much durable but still allow you to print images or anything that transfer paper can do, Sublimation is the answer for your needs. Also the good thing for sublimation is our capability of printing A3 (x2 A4 size) for this services. It is also cheaper than transfer paper. It has also no extra canvas that will affects the texture of your t-shirt as well the edging of your design which makes your design looks natural within your t-shirt. The only limitation is the compatibility within the fabrics and the color itself. Since we are going to implant ink on the T-shirt through the process of sublimation we are only allowed to do this method on light color shirt. Also, sublimation is only advisable on polyester or polycotton fabrics. For sublimation it cost 80 Pesos per A3 size.

That’s our fixed price for our digital t-shirt printing services. We have specific price based on measurement and not with estimation. Our negotiable prices are only applicable for bulk services which starts at 10 pieces and above. We can also combine the three methods if this will suit our clients’ need.

For the layout that also applies in our other services, we acknowledge free layout if it is just writing text or simple designs. But if it requires tracing from  the sample to the t-shirt, we ask for a minimum of 50 pesos.

Aside from Digital we also offer Silkscreen T-shirt printing which is much cheaper compare to digital.

Below are some of our finished product using Sublimation, Light/Dark Transfer and Heat Transfer Vinyl.