Advanced Silk Screen T Shirt Printing Services

Yes we have Digital T-Shirt Printing Services but still we cater Silk Screen Printing or the old school way of T-Shirt printing in advanced method. Old school doesn’t mean that it has low quality. As a matter of fact, Silk Screen is still the best in terms of quality and fabrics compatibility which most digital methods can’t do.

Also Silk Screen T-Shirt Printing is cheap which perfectly fit to our campaign of being the most affordable printing shop in Panay, Roxas City and nearby areas here in Capiz. We consider the budget of our customer, so in terms that digital printing is not suitable for their funds, we highly recommend this method.

Of course like what we’ve said in our previous post about t-shirt printing, each method has their limitation. When it comes to Silk Screen what we consider its limitation is based on the quantity that our clients want to produce. Yes we can give 30-50 Pesos print for Silk Screen and that is already considerable price if this is 30-40 pieces t-shirt deal.

What is expensive and tedious in Silk Screen is not the paint itself but the materials you need to buy and prepare your stencil (screen). Depending on the design that our client want us to work, we need to prepare stencil that we are going to use for the entire t-shirt printing. So the more t-shirt to print, the cheaper it gets. We also limit our client for this services to 30 pieces above minimum so they can enjoy the lower price of silk screen offer otherwise they need to cope up with additional price. In this case digital printing come in handy.

We called it advanced Silk Screen T-Shirt since we are using modern technique in our services. We are using software such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw that perfectly works for vector images and spot color. We also have T-Seps or color separation program for CMYK, simulated and Half-tone process. In case of cutting stencils we are using Cameo 3 for digital way of cutting stencils. We are also using Thai lock line table to ensure the accuracy of every paint regardless of how many T-shirt print we need to produce.

Everything we have in our arsenal are useless without a proper training of use it. Thanks to Joel Gariando and Gleo Sumalde (G-Coat) for inviting us to their 2-day Silk Screen Seminar held in Iloilo. The seminar discuss almost everything we need to learn from their decade experiences. From basic spot color, halftones, effects, CMYK, simulated process to paint mixing, photo emulsion, curing, etc. We also shared talk with top tier printers and business owner in the areas.

That’s why we believe despite of being new in this craf, we can assure you that we can deliver high quality result the same from the other services we cater.