About Us

Kaylum Circle Gaming and Printing Services also known as “Kaylum Circle” is a computer shop located at 2nd Floor Bithao Building Poblacion Ilaya Panay Capiz. Manage and own by Earvin Kyle Tupas Amacan, they started operating on December 1, 2014. From a humble beginning of 13 PC units now they have 35 PC units available for renting. Aside from PC renting, they are also offering desktop publishing and online services such as Rush ID, Scanning, Laminating, Printing, etc with the help of Maryquin Bade Amacan, Evan Michael Jore, Mary Albert Amacan, and Dexter Barroa.

Currently, Kaylum Circle has 1474 players/members, 334 of this are active.

KC’s internet connection is powered by two subscriptions under 50mbps PLDT Home Fiber.

They are using 35 units of AMD A6-10 Quadcore Processor with 8GB RAM memory module displayed on 20 inches monitor.


The first idea of starting a computer shop is from Rexon Diestro, Kyle’s churchmate from a local christian church. Together with Charlie Tupaz and Joshua Baydo, when they were playing League of Legends actively back then they’ve complained that there is no good computer shop in Panay to play with. They convinced Kyle to start his own computer shop since he has already four PCs in his house that he used for MMORPG farming and piloting.

Kyle said yes but he had also admitted that their suggestion is not that easy. First as computer shop business it requires a good amount of money to start with. Also he is busy on other stuffs such as playing in a band, online jobs, and he is not even fan of social life as business owner he needs to befriend with his customers. But again yes is yes for him,  and at that time he is also seeking for a new challenge. For a guy who doesn’t know how to run a business, this is a good one to start with since he has a lot of knowledge in this field.

Kyle saved all the money he got from playing online. After 4 months he successfully got enough money to buy additional 8 units. November 2014 back then when looked for a place to rent. Luckily, he acquired a good slot in BJ Tabjan Commercial Building. His father Leandro Jore Amacan did the renovation as well as the electrical which is crucial in computer shop. Kyle together with his friend Marlon Besa did the installation including the networking, server-client set up, and programs. Marlon also lend his computer to complete the 13 units set up.

Name and Logo

When everything is ready, Kyle deciding for a name and it was called, “Kaylum Circle”. The brand is taken from stylized version of his name. Because he felt that putting a specific name in

Kaylum Circle Old Logo
Kaylum Circle Old Logo

a brand sounds too selfish, he added the “circle” which signifies community and equality between customers and owner.

The first Kaylum Circle logo is taken from Japanese symbol “Enzo” which means circle which has strong attachment with Zen. This is a symbol of teaching, enlightenment, power and humor.

Year 2017 when AMD introduced their Ryzen processor, the coincidence with both logo made Kyle to felt insecurity. So on 2018 he decided to release a new logo and this time, he personally designed the new logo.

How They Got started
AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen

Kyle is a man of doing with everything he got or not doing it at all. To give everything he have, he brought everything he had. Together with his he, his wife and son, Maryquin a

nd Quallai Domini Amacan they stayed on shop’s 6×4 ft. stock room. This is also to take an action on what he believe the most failures in computer business – employee negligence. So the three managed, maintained, and staffed the shop for a year.


The first 2 years was prosperous, from 13 units they added 7 units more.  That was also the time when Dexter Barroa, joined the team. He has a good reputation as computer shop staff which convinced them to entrust the business to him and made Kyle and his family to stay back in their house. They used the stock room for additional PC.




Domeng lying on the floor while waiting for us to get close
Domeng lying on the floor while waiting for us to get closed


Father and Son as shop attendant
Father and Son as shop attendant
Transferring to Bithao Building

The problem with their air conditioning system convinced them to decide of transferring to a new location. They can handle the monthly electric consumption since they are using inverter typed of aircon what gave them the pain is the maintenance. Their AC had experiencing low-in-freon (refrigerant) issue and we know that this is expensive kind of case. Instead of fixing the leak, the technician will just refill the loss  refrigerant as it is easier to do than finding the leak. After 3 months, the aircon will stop functioning due to low in refrigerant and need to replace it again. Refrigerant is much expensive than the electric consumption so that’s it. Kaylum Circle are relying too much in their AC technician. They understand the most challenging part this business is maintenance. They can do the PC stuff but they are no luck in AC.

April 2017 when they gave up their air conditioning system. This time, they had looked for huge area that is probably with good air ventilation. They found Danilo Bithao’s building where the entire 2nd floor was vacant and decided to transfer after a month of working with their ISP.

Transferring to the new build left a memorable scneario for the entire team. Their customers helped them transfer to a new address. They hardly believed that they can finish everything from 5pm to 8am. That was a new chapter for Kaylum Circle. It was not the same how they got started as this time there are players and friends who helped them with electrical, networking, installation, etc. and it was great.

Kaylum Circle at Bithao Building
Kaylum Circle at Bithao Building
Myko’s Arrival, Expansion, Failures, and Kyle going back to management

June 2018 when Evan Michael “Myko” Jore joined the team. The plan was to make an expansion that is focused on printing services so it can compete with other printing shop. Expansion means additional resources, so he also invited Joshua Baydo to invest an get the 3rds of the printing shop. With enough resources, they produced high end printing equipment and got additional space in the first floor of the building. The team also hired two additional staff and soon get fired due to negligence to work.

Kyle also started his piloting and farming team in MMORPG wishing to get back his job before Kaylum Circle established while also believing that the shop can stand without his regular supervision. He hired players that served as pilot/farmers but also get fired due to misunderstanding on work’s commitment.

Both projects got failed. Printing services had more expenses than the potential it can earn. They  need to pay another internet connection, rent space, manpower, electric bill etc. While the farming/piloting service consumed most Kyle’s time as he was  the one doing everything and got failed in managing Kaylum Circle. 2017 is a whole year failure for them.

Kaylum Circle Printing Shop Extension
Kaylum Circle Printing Shop Extension

December 2017, when team decided to give up the printing services. Myko had acquired new project while Kyle sold his entire digits in MMORPG and quit playing.

February 2018, Kyle thought of reviving the way Kaylum Circle started. He had rent the vacant room next to Kaylum Circle where he and his wife, son and his daughter Quatereyah Amini Amacan, stays. He also bought Myko’s share in printing service to regain the sole ownership. While Myko and Kyle are still paying the money that Josh invested.

March 2018, Kyle thought of additional income to sustain the expenses renting the other room, so aside from Printing Service, he is also serving snacks such Pancit Canton, softdrinks, and corn chips. They also add related services to printing such PC repair, Media download, etc.

June 2018, is a biggest revolution from Kaylum Circle that year. Aside from gaming and printing the team also gave emphasis on  tournament. They believe with the current assets they have as well as additional effort in both social and online marketing, they can host a huge tournament for more audiences.

Events and Tournaments

From the beginning, Kaylum Circle endorsed competitive gaming in the way of being active in hosting tournaments.

TitleDateNo of ParticipantsPrize PoolWinning Team
1st League of Legends Tournament5/21/2015603000Calitan Boys
1st CF Tournament5/21/2015302000Syndrome A
Anniversary LoL Tourney 12/19/2015752000 + TshirtPerya Boys
Anniversary CF Tourney12/19/2015352000 + TshirtBongbong and Friends
Invitational LoL Tourney 9/7/2016603000Kaylum Circle Team
Invitational CF Tourney 9/7/2016302000Syndrome B
Random Players LoL Tournament12/1/2016752000Rave and Friends
Amateur CF Tournament12/1/2016352000Herjeloyd and Friends
Highschool LoL Tournament8/25/2017151000Team SLC
Highschool CF Tournament8/25/2017401000Akik and Friends
Crossfire Mini Tournament6/3/2018903000 + 5000 E-CoinHigh Standard
League of Legends Mini Tournament6/9/20181253000 + 9750 RPDeus Gaming 2

To fulfill the objective of creating a community within players, Kaylum Circle sponsored outdoor events:

September 14, 2016 – Kaylum Circle Victory Party
Unexpected victory brought the team to Espacio Verde Resort. It was a tough fight for our team to engage match with top tier players. As token of gratitude in giving the name a pride, Kaylum Circle treated League of Legends players; Joemarie Blacano, Jesson Bunda, Jameson Bunda, Joshua Baydo and Paolo Rico. (read full details)

March 29, 2018 – Pawa Beach Escapades
Summer is coming and it is time to leave the keyboard for a while and enjoy the wave and sands of Pawa Beach. (read full details)

May 6, 2018 – Olotayan Island Overnight
This is it, let’s make another outing history with Kaylum Circle’s new active players; Boss “Dickies” Yulo, Emmanuel “Papang” Billones, Ryan Quilapio, Jhun Jhun Salva, Kenneth Allen Cagayanan, John Rober “Akik” Barroa, Roneel Buenvenida to an overnight experience in Olotayan Island. (read more)

Kaylum Circle Team

Earvin Kyle Amacan – Owner
Evan Michael Jore – Analyst
Maryquin Bade Amacan – Encoder
Mary Albert Amacan – Graphic Artist
Dexter Barroa – Shop Attendant

Other Efforts Behind Kaylum Circle

Leandro “Daddy” Amacan – Electrical / Maintenance
Lennie “Mommy” Amacan – Legalities Representative / Maintenance
Brix Amacan – Back up Staff
Johnwill “Pingol” Pingol – Back up Staff / Players’ Assistance
Lea Andrea Amacan – Load Central support